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When the Earth is threatened by alien invaders and giant monsters, Ultraman is human’s last hope…. Ultra Heroes are Japanese tokusatsu science fiction characters created by Eiji Tsuburaya in 1966. With over 50 years of history, Ultra Heroes have always been the signature icons of Tsuburaya Production Co. Since 2003, Dorian has actively engaged in the production and planning of Ultra Heroes intellectual property (IP) events including “Ultra Heroes Arcobattle Live in Hong Kong”, “Ultra Heroes Arcobattle Live in Macao”, “ULTRA HEROES in Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village”, “Monsters Coming ∙Taipei”, “MOTHER of ULTRA X NISSAN”, “ULTRA HEROES at HYSAN PLACE & LEE THEATRE” etc. “Ultra Heroes Arcobattle Live in Hong Kong” was a comprehensive Ultra Heroes event in Asia, with stage performance, exhibitions, themed playground.

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